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A Chillicothe Farm Wedding- Mr. & Mrs. Nowack

      I always make a huge effort to get to know my couples especially before their weddings. This time around it was no effort at all. I met Sarah and Mike through my husband, years ago. When we lived in Maryland, they were in Virgina and we were able to finally meet up more often! During that time, I came became their personal photographer. Every time one of us had an idea, we would message the other and meet up for another photoshoot. I even shot their Mountaintop proposal in Shenandoah! So when they asked me to shoot their wedding, it was a no brainer!      The wedding day started out at a beautiful rental home  The Maybee Mansion . It is an absolutely beautifully restored 1919 Craftsman home in Chillicothe, MO. I was mesmerized by all the hardwood- it's my weakness. I was able to use the wooden door frames, the beautiful wooden entry, and even just the floors to do plenty of detail photos before everyone got ready for the day. We even did a few "before the gown" sho
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7 baby gifts sure to be a new parents favorite

     Baby showers are a great way for new parents to not only celebrate a new addition but also a great way for new parents to receive the things they need for their baby. However, sometimes those baby showers end up with them receiving way to many of the same things. I have complied a list of my favorite unique gifts that are not bound to be repeats.   As many of you know, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl back in January. Since that time we have bought and worked with so many small shops and also found a few treasures in big box stores that we absolutely love. Each one of these gifts are either regularly used in our home or will be saved for years! I do not profit from these recommendations at all- just simply things that I love and want to share! 1. Swaddles and Baby gowns from Scallywag Baby Co      I know what you are thinking- You have a million blankets. but these swaddles are different. They are the absolute first thing I reach for everytime I need a blanket, a

Sarah & Mike- The mountain peak proposal

   My husband and I have started a bucket list. We want to make it to all the National Parks in our life. We started off with our first being Arches National Park on the way from California to our newest home in Maryland. We knew we wanted to knock out the majority of the East Coast parks while we are living here for the next few years. Our first one? Shenandoah National Park. Now, I'll admit that I had never actually heard of this park, but our very first trip was breathtaking. I was and still am in awe of that park. Our very first trip there, we were joined by some lifelong friends of my husband who live in Virginia Beach. We decided it was a perfect middle point to meet for a day of hiking.    Being surrounded by the beautiful scenery, waterfalls, mountains, and fauna, I obviously knew I needed to shoot here. Who else to shoot than the couple that accompanied us to the park the very first time. After mentioning the idea to Sarah and getting the okay from Mike- we set in mot